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Approved Clinical Mentor (ACM)

Approved Clinical Mentor (ACM) Designation

An Approved Clinical Mentor (ACM) is a certified and/or licensed clinician and residency director, mentor or educator who has successfully completed and passed NCOPE's ACM course. This comprehensive course provides a clinician with the skills and information necessary to more effectively teach and mentor students in the context of a residency program or educational program.

ACM designees will receive a certificate and lapel pin and can email Joan Dallas at for guidance on claiming their Digital Badge that can be used on social media, emails, websites, and electronic resumes to recognize this professional achievement.

Next Course Date/Location:

Thursday, September 7
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
Room: Breakers G
Online Course Registration

Registration expires on September 1st:

ACM Course Instructors

  • Christopher Robinson, MS, MBA, CPO, ATC, FAAOP
  • Jonathan Day, CPO
  • Jennifer Richards, CPO, CPed., FAAOP
  • Ashley Harris Mullen, CPO

Approved Clinical Mentors

Congratulations to the following O&P professionals who have received the NCOPE Approved Clinical Mentor (ACM) designation:

  • Aaron Fitzsimmons, CP
  • Aaron Christopher Moles, CP
  • Aarti Deshpande, CPO
  • Angela J. Bryl, CPO
  • Ashley Harris Mullen, CPO
  • Brett R. Saunders, CPO, FAAOP
  • Brian Tolsma, CPO
  • Britt-Mary Guerre-Aguilar, CPO
  • Carol Grettum, CP, C.Ped. FAAOP
  • Catherine M. De Young Muller, CPO, FAAOP
  • Catherine T. Voss, CO
  • Charles W. Kuffel, MSM, CPO, FAAOP
  • Christine Goehle, CPO
  • Chrysta Reana Irolla, CPO
  • Curt A. Bertram, CPO
  • Cyle A. Gates, CPO
  • David A. Yates, CPO, FAAOP
  • DeAnna Chapman, CPO, FAAOP
  • Deborah V. Graham, CPO
  • Denise Larkins, CPO
  • Donald Deane Doty, Jr., CPO
  • Frances A. Kiser, CPO
  • Frank B. Caruso, CO
  • Hanna H. Dollard, CPO
  • Heidi A. Truman, CPO
  • Jeffrey W. Linton, CPO
  • John P. Jacobs, CPO
  • Jonas M. Ljung, CPO
  • Jonathan D. Day, MA, CPO, LPO
  • Jose A. Hernandez, CPO, C.Ped.
  • Joseph F. Ksiaskiewicz, CPO
  • Keven P. Dunn, CPO
  • Kyle A. Sherk, CPO
  • Linda Laakso, MSc, CO (c)
  • Mark Douglas Clary, CPO, FAAOP
  • Mark S. Hopkins, CPO
  • Michael F. Bonnar, CO
  • Michael K. Carroll, CPO
  • Michael L. Kiser, CO
  • Michelle J. Hall, CPO, FAAOP
  • Nathaniel S. Hampson, CPO
  • Pamala D. Lupo, CO
  • Robert H. Hellner, CPO
  • Roger E. Shoemaker, MS, CPO
  • Ronald G. Okubo, CPO
  • Sarah Phan Bui, CPO
  • Sean R. Zeller, CPO
  • Shane R. Wurdeman, CP
  • Shawn B. Klindworth, CO
  • Sheryl N. Nathanson, CPO
  • Thomas H. Colburn, CO, C.Ped., FAAOP
  • Todd C. O’Hare, CPO
  • Yim Lok, CO (c)
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